Life in the FUN House

American adults have a love/hate relationship with fun. Blame our Puritan roots, or perhaps a series of historical events that have driven our work ethic to more rigid and aggressive depths, but Americans struggle between the extremes of 60, 70, 80-hour workweeks, and an obsession with “fun” distractions such TV, Facebook, alcohol, and exercise. Even our diversions are taken on as work. We don’t run for fun, we work out, measuring our steps, demanding a dedication and consistency equal to a full-time job in some other countries. We work some of the longest hours in the world, and then dedicate hours of what free time we have (after home chores and ferrying children to sports/after school eve

Back to School, Sudbury-style

August means Back to School for most of the United States. Time for new school supplies and clothes. Time for jokes about parents happy to get "rid" of their kids. There is a lot of this: Setting aside the highly questionable and problematic assumption that parents (moms, mostly, apparently) are ecstatic to be separated from their kids, and totally disregard their children’s pain or fear, look at the kids. Are they happy? Why is it an accepted condition that kids dread the return to school? (We could also consider that perhaps the mom has been struggling to balance a full-time job or 2 with figuring out child care for 11 weeks and is happy for some relief, but that is a different topic). And

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