HSS Was On the News

A local TV news crew did a story on Houston Sudbury School that aired last night. Although HSS takes issue with the idea (presented towards the end) that Sudbury-model schooling is for a very specific type of kid (it really does work for many many types of kids, just because it is such personal learning) it was otherwise a very fair (albeit, shallow) representation of the school. We are grateful for the chance to expose a bit more of the world to the idea of self-directed education in a democratic setting. We were treated with respectful curiosity by the crew and felt safe and supported in talking about the model and our school. Here is the segment: http://www.click2houston.com/education/

A Paradigm Shift For Parents of a Child in a Sudbury School

Originally published by Alan White on the Sudbury Valley School blog at http://www.sudval.com/essays/022011.shtml We grow up making assumptions, which are derived from our culture. We build on these assumptions to form our view on how the world works. Many are self-correcting because of new information. But some of these assumptions are so obviously true, so much a part of our culture, of what we are, that it takes a great effort on our part to question them carefully. It is one of the major reasons we follow in the religion of our parents, why we are patriots of the country of our birth, why we are conservative or liberal in our political views. What would be the consequences of a mistake m

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