Staffing Opportunities

Staff Intern Position Sept-May 2020-2021:  HSS is seeking a Staff Intern for the 2020-2021 school year.  Interns participate as members of Houston Sudbury School’s democratic community.  Interns must support the school’s democratic process and be capable of functioning in the democratic, self-directed learning community.  More details here.  


The Role of Staff at HSS

Houston Sudbury School does not employ "teachers." The role of Staff at the school is unique and subtle.  The adult members of the School Meeting (Staff) take on many roles in running the school, but they are not "teachers" or "administrators" nor are they authority figures deciding the direction students take in their learning or life at the school.  HSS Staff are facilitators in learning, mentors in maturing, co-workers with students in the running of the school, companions in activities, leaders but not authorities.   Adult members of the School Meeting have one vote in the democratic process of establishing rules, procedures, budgeting and even the approval of Staff themselves.  Staff are brought into the community through at least 50 hours volunteering for the school, followed by approval by the School Meeting.   The qualities sought for HSS Staff include an ability to connect with and engage young people of all ages, a deep respect for young people, a thorough understanding of the Sudbury model of educations and self-directed learning, a commitment to the democratic process of governance, and ability to engage in civil discourse, a proactive work ethic, and a willingness to take on many responsibilities.  

There are currently no staff positions available at HSS.  

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